The annual JH WordZmith (creative writing) Competition is back! Entries will be judged by grade level in two separate categories: prose and verse. Prose = short stories and plays; verse = all forms of poetry (including rap / spoken word). The deadline is Friday, April 7th, at 3:15pm. Entries should be submitted to your English teacher or to Mr. Kuoch in 7FP.


1. You can submit a maximum of two entries, one in each category.

2. Entries must not exceed 500 words for grades 8/9 and 1000 words for grades 10-12.

3. Entries must be typed in Times New Roman size 12 font. Hand written entries will not be accepted.

4. Content must be school appropriate.

5. Your name must appear ONLY on the cover page, not anywhere else on your entry. (You can get a copy of the cover page from your English teacher, or you can download/print it yourself:  wordzmith-cover-page.)

The top three in each category (at each grade level) will receive prizes!


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