MYP Language and Literature 9


Thursday, Sept. 12 (Day 2) and Friday, Sept. 13 (Day 1) 

Today we finished up our imagery competition, then did our initial writing assessment. We also started on a “20 Questions” Getting-to-know-you sheet.


  1. Finish “20 questions”
  2. Parent letters are now overdue — please return ASAP.

Tuesday, Sept. 10 (Day 2) and Thursday, Sept. 12 (Day 1) 

Today we went over the course expectations and did a pop quiz to see if everyone was listening 😉 We also talked about the writing preassessment (next class) and did an imagery competition to prepare. (Day 1 will do imagery competition next class)


  1. Initial writing assessment next class. Bring your completed planning page (childhood memories)
  2. Bring signed parent letter/cell phone policy

Friday, Sept. 6 (Day 2) and Monday Sept. 9 (Day 1) 

Today we went over the course outline, took a look at the website, and voted in the poll (below). We discussed the poll results and did some brainstorming in small groups, then went over the classroom cell phone policy.


  1. Bring signed parent letter and cell phone policy.
  2. Bring writing assessment planning page (childhood memories) (Day 2 only)



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