MYP Language and Literature 8


Thursday, Oct. 18

Today we finished organizing our portfolios. Then we reviewed paragraph structure, did a “paragraph unscrambling” competition, and learned about transition words. Interims also went home today.

Tuesday, Oct. 16

Today we filled in our interim self evaluations and took our Parts of Speech quiz.

Friday, Oct. 12

After some portfolio time, we played a game (The King’s Court) to prepare for our Parts of Speech quiz next class.

For Homework:

Study for your parts of speech quiz next class (Tuesday). Pick a realistic level for YOU and study what you need to achieve that level.

Levels 1-2: Noun and Verb;

Levels 3-4: Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Conjunction

Levels 5+: Same as 3-4, plus Interjection, Preposition, Adverb

Thursday, Oct. 11

We had a bit more portfolio time, then did a parts of speech practice quiz. We continued to practice by writing our own “madlibs” in groups.

For Homework:

Parts of Speech quiz coming up on Tuesday.

Friday, Oct. 5 

We had some portfolio time, then reviewed the parts of speech and did “Madlibs” in groups to practice.

Thursday, Oct. 4

We learned about the Parts of Speech (e.g. nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.) and then worked in groups to identify them in sentences.

Monday, Oct. 1

In class today:

We worked in groups to become “experts” on Learner Profile traits, then completed a Learner Profile self assessment.

For Homework:

Complete your Learner Profile self-assessment and put it in the “Reflections and Self-Assessments” pocket of your portfolio.

Thursday, Sept. 27

In class today:

We did ATL self-assessments and goal-setting, then continued to work on our portfolios.

Tuesday, Sept. 24

In class today:

We completed reflections C and D and worked on decorating our portfolios.

For Homework:

All reflections (A, B, C, D) should be complete. Please bring art supplies next class.

Thursday, Sept. 20

Both blocks worked on portfolios today.

For Homework: Reflections A and B should be complete. Don’t forget to bring art supplies and your silent reading book next class.

Tuesday, Sept. 18 

Ms. Keller was away today. Block C went to the Learning Commons and started their first independent reading books. Block D worked on mini simile posters (“Language is like…” “Literature is like…”)

Please bring your silent reading book and poster board next class (Thurs). Block D should also bring their completed simile posters.

Friday, Sept. 14

Block C (my new English 8 class): We went over the course outline and expectations, then started on our portfolio reflections.

Block D: We went down to the Learning Commons to meet Ms. Cauduro (librarian), listen to some book talks, and sign out our first independent reading books.

For Homework:

Block C: Bring your poster board, signed parent letter, and completed reflections (A and B) to class on Tuesday.

Block D: Bring your poster board and silent reading book to class on Tuesday.

Thursday, Sept. 13

In class today:

We did a “quiz” on course expectations, then wrote our initial writing assessment. If you were absent today, please come see me to make this up.

Monday, Sept. 10 

In class today:

We went over course expectations, checked out this website, and voted in the poll (below). Then we started to brainstorm for our initial writing assessment.

For Homework:

  1. Be prepared for your writing assessment on Thursday. You will write three paragraphs: Who I Was / Who I Am / Who I Want to Be. You can bring in your brainstorming (blue sheet) to help you out.
  2. Return your signed parent letter, if you haven’t already done so.

Thursday, Sept. 6 

In class today:

We went over the course outline, filled in a 20 questions “getting to know you” sheet, and played “Two truths and a lie.”

For homework:

Please have all materials and your signed parent letter for next class.


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